Music to Calm Your Anxious Dog During Fireworks

This time of year can dangerous for pets-specifically, with the fireworks that are used during this country’s July 4th tradition. Many pet owners are desperate to find ways to calm and soothe their frightened pooches during this time.

I was fortunate enough to attend the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona last week. The attendees received swag bags with all kinds of great stuff for dogs (and cats). One of the items in the bag was a sample CD of  ‘The Ruff Cuts: Songs for Dogs and People Who Love Them

Music for anxious dogs

Music for anxious dogs

Songs like “I’ll Always Come Back for You”  and “You’re a Good Dog” are all good songs and the lyrics are relatable. If you really love your little Yapper…and I’m sure you do, you probably have said some of those things to your own dog.

The songs are veterinarian recommended and are perfect to play for your dog during anxious times like fireworks, separation anxiety or just when playing with or while grooming your pooch.

‘The Ruff Cuts: Songs for Dogs’ is available at iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal or most other streaming music services. Download a copy today. Your dog will love it!

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