Get Ready Now!

Be prepared to evacuate with your pet during an emergency

FEMA has declared May 13th, 2017 as National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. YapTalk has partnered with Hill’s Nutrition and the SPCA of Texas, to raise awareness on this important topic. Let’s discuss the topic of evacuating your home with your pet.

If you evacuate your home, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND! Pets most likely cannot survive on their own; and if by some remote chance they do, you may not be able to find them when you return. An easy way to get started is to create your own Pet Emergency Go-Kit with supplies, food and water in the event that you and your pet need to leave your home.

The good folks at SPCA of Dallas also recommend making the following preparations BEFORE an emergency evacuation:

The World’s Best Quotes About Dogs

Truly, Man's Best Friend

Truly, Man’s Best Friend

We could not think of a better way to end a 30-day blog challenge than with 10 more quotes about dogs. They are wonderful creatures and as these quotes will show-truly are Man’s Best Friend.

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.
—Sidney Jeanne Seward

Even the tiniest poodle is lionhearted, ready to do anything to defend home, master, and mistress.
—Louis Sabin

The psychological and moral comfort of a presence at once humble and understanding—this is the greatest benefit that the dog has bestowed upon man.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley

Dogs really are perfect soldiers. They are brave and smart; they can smell through walls, see in the dark, and eat Army rations without complaint.
—Susan Orlean

There’s just something about dogs that makes you feel good. You come home, they’re thrilled to see you. They’re good for the ego.
—Janet Schnellman

Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle dog and sometimes for a man.
—George Jean Nathan

A dog can express more with his tail in minutes than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.
—Gene Hill

I don’t trust anybody in my life except my mother and my dogs.
—Cheryl Cole

No animal I know of can consistently be more of a friend and companion than a dog.
—Stanley Leinwoll

Small Breed Puppies

Hypoglycemia and small dogs is a very serious issue.

Hypoglycemia and small breed puppies is a very serious issue.

In celebration of National Puppy Day  I want to discuss a very important consideration that could mean life or death for your small breed puppy. A few months ago, a family member called me in a panicked state because her daughter’s new Pomeranian was acting lethargic. I talked to her for a while running through a checklist of what could have gone wrong throughout the day. Long story short, they rushed the dog to the puppy’s vet and turns out, the dog’s blood sugar was dangerously low. I’m happy to report that all is well, the dog was treated and is being held for observation.

This reminded me of a very important factor of owning a small breed. Low blood sugar  or hypoglycemia in a small breed puppy is just one of the things that makes them special.

If you are considering a small breed dog please be aware of this condition and be prepared to treat it if it does happen. As always, consult a veterinarian for the care of your dog.

The post below is a great information source on hypoglycemia in small breeds.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Dog

What is your new year resolution for your dog?


RESOLUTION #5 – Start a pet savings account

Just as parents save money for their children to go to college, pet owners should start a special account just for pet-related expenses down the road. Having some extra cash will ensure that you never have to compromise when it comes to getting your pet the best care possible.

RESOLUTION #4 – Update their tags

No pet owner ever wants to be in a situation where their pet has wandered away. But you can at least be sure that they will be returned to you as quickly as possible by keeping their pet ID up to date. If ANY of your contact information has changed… don’t wait — update their tags and microchip information today! It’s the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way home safely.”

RESOLUTION #3 – Measure their food

Make your pet’s health one of your biggest priorities going into the New Year. Part of this involves paying close attention to how much food you give them. Too many owners, ‘eyeball’ their pet’s daily intake and pour that into a bowl, usually resulting in overfeeding and weight gain.”  Using a measuring cup to ensure your pet gets just the right amount of food is the best way to go to keep them at their optimal weight and healthy.

RESOLUTION #2 – Make time to play

Your pet undoubtedly loves you and loves spending time with you. Make it a priority to play with them more next year. We often have good intentions when it comes to making time to play. But we don’t always do it. Carve out certain hours of your week that can be devoted entirely to playing with your pet. It will give them some much-needed exercise, and will provide you both with some crucial one-on-one time.

Does this Dog Have a Soul?

Play with your Yapper. It’s good for both of you

RESOLUTION #1 – Set up Playdates

Resolve to bring more joy into your pet’s life easier next year. One easy way is by setting up pet play dates. Call up a friend with a similarly size pet and get together at a nearby park. Interaction with other animals is great for your pet’s mental health, and can help vastly improve their social skills.


A Happy Ending


I almost lost Bella today! I came back from taking a run around my neighborhood and she was waiting on me…outside, when I got home! I don’t know what happened because my doors were all locked when I got home. The only thing that I can think of is that she ended up on the wrong side of the door when I left for my workout.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of microchipping your pet  I am glad that I often take my own advice.

Close call with Bella today

Close call with Bella today

I am fortunate enough to have some great neighbors who know how much I love my little dog so it set off alarms right away for them when they saw her roaming around me. However, I cringe to think about what might have happened if  I didn’t have such great neighbors. YapTalk has partnered with Petstablished to help drive home these three extremely important things:

  1. Microchip your pet.
  2. Register that microchip with a reputable company.
  3. Keep your contact information updated so that if your furbaby does get lost, they will be able to get in contact with you ASAP!

Not all stories like Bella’s end happily but Petstablished and YapTalk want to ensure that we get as many happy endings as possible.


Gift Ideas For Your Small Breed

Looking for gift ideas for your pampered pooch this holiday? Here are are 10 products to give your little Yapper a spa day at home and they can all be found on Amazon!

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10 Doggy Spa Products On Amazon You Never Knew You Needed







2016 National Dog Show


Skye Terrier “Charlie” 2015 Best in Show Winner National Dog Show

Skye Terrier “Charlie”
2015 Best in Show Winner
National Dog Show

Did you get to check out the 2016 National Dog Show today? Each year following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC, the National Dog Show airs and the country’s top dogs take to the ring to show off their stuff. Hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia, the show marked its 15th anniversary in 2016, cementing itself as an official can’t-miss Thanksgiving tradition. In the words of John O’Hurley, the program’s host, the National Dog Show has “become an extraordinary family tradition on the greatest family day of the year.”

Last year’s Grand Champion was none other than “Good Time” Charlie, the Skye Terrier who trotted his way into the hearts of the judges. It’s not easy winning the treasured Best in Show award at the end of a long day of grooming, preliminaries, and group rounds. The judges of the competition are looking at the dog that best exemplifies what is known as the breed standard based on bone structure, shape, movement, temperament, and condition.

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10 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic To Your Dog


When it comes to your dog, use caution when giving cooking this Holiday season.

When it comes to your dog, use caution when giving cooking this Holiday season.

These are a list of 10 food that you SHOULD NOT feed your little Yapper while your are preparing your Thanksgiving feasts…no matter how much they beg for it:

  1. BONES
    Giving your dog a bone, no matter what the size, can mean a trip to the vet, and even possible surgery or death. She recommends making sure you throw out bones from your own meals so your dog can’t get to them.
    The threat of salmonella in uncooked turkey is terrible for your dog’s stomach (and yours, of course).
    You may love the turkey skin and gravy—but fatty foods like those are tough for your dogt o digest. In fact, your dog’s pancreas can become inflamed, resulting in pancreatitis.
    Raw dough plus your dog’s body heat can actually make the dough rise in its stomach. That can cause your dog to vomit, while at the same time suffering abdominal pain and bloating. Plus, the batter you use for those cakes and cookies contains raw eggs, which could contain salmonella bacteria. Make sure to clean up any scraps or droppings that hit the floor right away.
  5. BEER
    Keep the cold ones to yourself. Some dogs might love beer, but it can really mess with their stomach. And if the dog has too much, it can cause a fever, rapid heartbeat, seizures, liver damage, or even death.
    They’re very bad for dogs, and can cause a reaction called macadamia nut toxicosis. Symptoms can range from lethargy to vomiting to your dog being unable to stand up.
    Fungi are good for you, but very bad for your dog. If your dog eats mushrooms, the dog may experience vomiting, seizures, or even coma and possibly death.
    Your dog can get very sick from eating onions or garlic, because they contain sulfides—which are toxic to dogs and can cause destruction of red blood cells, leading to anemia.
  9. SAGE
    It’s in countless Thanksgiving Day recipes, but it shouldn’t be in your dog’s bowl. Sage contains oils and resins that can upset your four-legged friend’s stomach and do a number on its central nervous system.
  10. NUTMEG
    Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are good for your dog—but make sure they don’t contain nutmeg. It has mild hallucinogenic properties that, when ingested by your dog, can cause seizures, tremors and central nervous system problems.

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Healthy Holiday Treats Options For Your Dog

With the Holidays quickly approaching, it will probably be almost impossible for your little Yapper to resist all of the savory smells coming from your kitchen. And as a pet parent, we all know that it can be hard to deny them anything to resist them anything when they give us those puppy dog eyes. The trick though is to distract your dog with healthier options to keep them occupied while you are cooking or entertaining.

This post lists several healthy alternative treats that you can stuff in your dog’s Kong:

39 Healthy Treats You Can Stuff in a Kong

Article Credit: Jen Gabbard,


Monday Blues?


More inspirational quotes about dogs to help close out your Monday.

I’m convinced that petting a puppy is good luck.
—Meg Donohue

It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog.
—Charles Darwin

If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t, either.

The friendship of a dog is precious. It becomes even more so when one is so far removed from home….I have a Scottie. In him I find consolation and diversion…he is the one person to whom I can talk without the conversation coming back to war.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower

Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House.
—Calvin Coolidge

One of the happiest sights in the world comes when a lost dog is reunited with a master he loves. You just haven’t seen joy till you have seen that.
—Eldon Roark

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

Buy a pup and your money will buy love unflinching.
—Rudyard Kipling

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.
—M. K. Clinton

The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog.
—George Graham