Gift Ideas For Your Small Breed

Looking for gift ideas for your pampered pooch this holiday? Here are are 10 products to give your little Yapper a spa day at home and they can all be found on Amazon!

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10 Doggy Spa Products On Amazon You Never Knew You Needed







Petstablished – Beyond Microchipping


Here at YapTalk we believe in safety and preparedness. This is why microchipping your little Yapper is such a near and dear subject to our hearts. The good folks at Petstablished wants to ensure that if the worse happens and your 4-legged friend is lost or stolen, you will be reunited as quickly as possible. They also want to use microchipping to get as many pets as possible into their furever homes. This is why Petstablished is much more than a microchip company.

Petstablished also provides software management to Animal Welfare Organizations commonly known as AWOs, are non-profit organizations that depend on their local governments, grants, and private donations to exist and function. These can be your local SPCA or rescue group. Petstablished’s mission is to assist these organizations with managing their day-to-day operations so that they may spend more of their time connecting pets with their future families rather than on administrative tasks. The goal is to get the most exposure for the pets. Petstablished is a one stop shop that serves as a bridge between your lost dog and everyone else. With Petstablished, your pet get high visibility and it also gives homeless dogs a higher likelihood of getting adopted.

Petstablished also wants to stress that while microchipping is important, there is also one other essential thing that all pet owners MUST DO…keep their own records up to date.  After all, what’s the good of a microchip if the owner information isn’t accurate or up-to-date?

Check out this example of many of testimonials from very satisfied Petstablished clients…

…I’ve worked with rescues all over the country since 1989, and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen. “This is a Godsend!

          PENNSYLVANIA RESCUE ORG.10/23/15

If you are interested in using Petstablished to microchip your pet or you work with one of the many great Animal Welfare Organizations throughout the country, please consider this company for your needs. Petstablished makes life easier for pets and people who love them.

Music to Calm Your Anxious Dog During Fireworks

This time of year can dangerous for pets-specifically, with the fireworks that are used during this country’s July 4th tradition. Many pet owners are desperate to find ways to calm and soothe their frightened pooches during this time.

I was fortunate enough to attend the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona last week. The attendees received swag bags with all kinds of great stuff for dogs (and cats). One of the items in the bag was a sample CD of  ‘The Ruff Cuts: Songs for Dogs and People Who Love Them

Music for anxious dogs

Music for anxious dogs

Songs like “I’ll Always Come Back for You”  and “You’re a Good Dog” are all good songs and the lyrics are relatable. If you really love your little Yapper…and I’m sure you do, you probably have said some of those things to your own dog.

The songs are veterinarian recommended and are perfect to play for your dog during anxious times like fireworks, separation anxiety or just when playing with or while grooming your pooch.

‘The Ruff Cuts: Songs for Dogs’ is available at iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal or most other streaming music services. Download a copy today. Your dog will love it!

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