Yaptalk.net is an online social community where people from around the world join and interact socially by sharing in video chat rooms, post, blogs, photos, video links, play online games, make and invite friends, and a lot more! Yaptalk.net is an online community where people can come and share. Though we are a Christian based community, we welcome everyone from around the world to join and share! Yaptalk.net is G rated so all we ask is that people keep it "clean" from profanity and nudity. Share the Good things that God is doing in your life! We welcome All to come to share!

Yaptalk.net was created by Kerry Martin and programming began on March 15th., 2020, and the website was completed and made available to the public on May 28th., 2020 where the first user joined and signed in. The creation of Yaptalk.net is a direct response to the inability of families and friends that have been impacted by the outbreak of Covid19 corona-virus and how communities and families were having to isolate themselves because of the need to social distance themselves.

Yaptalk.net makes it possible for anyone in the world to get started by signing up and creating a free user profile. Once you sign in you can do a host of many things including free live video chat!
You can create your own video room so you can easily stay in contact with your friends and loved ones. The video chat rooms are user friendly, in fact with the click of one URL link to a room, people are video chatting in real-time! The room links can be shared using social media, email, or SMS text message to any mobile smartphone which may cost you data time from your mobile provider, check with your mobile provider for the detailed cost of data usage.  Anyone can send a URL link of any room to anyone in the world and they will be video chatting free!

Yaptalk.net is also a "social platform" where users can make, add, or delete other users, send private text messages, read, and post blogs and videos, post URL links, and a host of many other features!

The most amazing this about Yaptalk.net is that you never have to download any software, plugins, or apps! No one must install or download anything. This makes it possible for anyone to video chat. Yaptalk.net handles all the technical aspects of the hardware using your internet browser. There are no incompatibilities when people try to connect -- meaning that it does not matter what type of hardware device they are using to connect because Yaptalk.net is an internet browser-based system that works with any major internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Explorer, etc. So, someone using a mobile smartphone like an apple or android device can receive a URL link via text message to a video chat room, and you both are connected without installing anything or worrying about hardware incompatibility! You simply send the link and you are in live video worldwide! 

Yaptalk has eliminated the need and all the confusion caused by hardware or software incompatibility and connects people worldwide using one URL click so people can connect in live video format from anywhere in the world. 

Stay connected and share in public or private with friends and family! Create an online "family reunion" online, it is fun and it's free! Oh, I should mention that a video chat with my 86 year old mother who has no idea of using any social media or installing any "apps" on her smartphone, I send her a link, she opens her text message, click the link and we are in the live video! I also should mention that the first time we were in live video chat she was in utter shock that she was able to now video chat! Try this with an elderly person who owns a smartphone and see!

All you need to use Yaptalk.net is an internet connection and an internet browser!

Works on any mobile smartphone device, PC, MAC, or Tablet device connected to the internet using an internet browser. Yaptalk.net is NOT "hardware dependent" as it is 100% web-based! So, update your internet browser and log in!

Enjoy Yaptalk.net 

Kerry Martin - Creator and Designer of Yaptalk.net


PS: Invite your friends! Create groups, upload photos, chat, and video chat, and a lot more! - ALL FREE! 
We are always improving and adding more features to Yaptalk.net - We are adding more features soon! I plan on adding a free "television studio" where people can watch free movies together online as if they were sitting at the movie theater watching the big screen, you will be able to chat and watch TV so get the popcorn ready! TTYL & God bless you all!




(Yaptalk.net is an internet browser-based website)


All you need to use Yaptalk.net is an internet connection and an internet browser!