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One-to-Many video broadcasting. Broadcast capable of allowing 1,000,000+ viewers at the same time!
Great for Preachers, Churches, Comedians, Karaoke, Famous Singers, etc., who want to broadcast a live FREE video stream.

Edit the text box below with the exact unique room name of the broadcast room you want to visit then click Join Broadcast button to join the live broadcast.
Edit Unique Broadcast Room Name:

📽️ free live video broadcasting,  yaptalk 🎤

How do I join a live Broadcast?

Delete the automatically generated room name in the text box above then type the exact room name you were provided in the text box and click Join Broadcast button to view the live broadcast. The unique room name is case-sensitive and serves as the public or private password to enter the live broadcast.

How do I generate a live Broadcast?

First You need to generate your own free video broadcasting room by simply editing the text box above with a unique name then click Generate Broadcast button. After a few moments you will see your own broadcasting video appear. After your video appears on the screen you are then ready to send invites to your fans and friends so they can see and hear your live broadcast! You will also see your unique room name in red bold letters at the top of the page -- that is what your visitors must type in the text box then click Join Button to watch your live broadcast in real-time!

You can copy and paste the URL page link or use the social media share buttons to invite people to this webpage URL, be sure to include your unique room name in your invites when sharing page URL with friends. They must type the unique room name as when you generated the broadcast room or they will not be able to get in your broadcasting room.

NOTE: You can invite one or thousands of people as you like! 1,000,000+ people or more!

TIP: By default, your visitor’s audio speaker is muted, tell your visitors to click the speaker icon and adjust their volume to their liking. Keep in mind that your visitors can see your camera and hear you speaking, no need to raise your voice because they can hear you. Also, because this is a "Broadcast", they can hear you but that is all they can do. Visitors can not be seen or heard so they cannot interrupt you. The number of visitors will be show to you just above your camera.

PS: I am working on adding a record button that will allow you to record and download your broadcasts so you can post your videos on websites like YouTube, Vimeo, your own site, etc. or you can even burn your recorded videos on CD's.


All broadcasters and visitors use the same page URL to generate or join a broadcast. Share the room URL and unique room name of your broadcasting room and you are connected live.


Yaptalk website handles the request of all broadcast rooms using unique room names to identify a broadcasting room. When a user inputs a unique room name and hits the join broadcast, they are redirected to that room!

NOTE: Video and audio quality depends on the user device and not Yaptalk Website Software and internet browser being used. We recommend using a major internet browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.

Broadcasting works on all computers and smartphone devices using internet an internet browser. If it seems as if it is not working, make sure that this page URL is opened in your browser. You can copy and paste the URL directly in your browser and it will work without any issues. Broadcast are internet browser based, not application based, that's why you never have to download or install any apps or plugins to use it!

When the person who initiated the broadcast closes his or her browser, the broadcast ends and stops automatically. All viewers who were watching the live broadcast will be notified that the broadcast has ended.

TERMS OF SERVICE: By using the broadcasting website you are agreeing that YOU are solely responsible for any actions or information being transmitted via broadcast and is released from any and all liabilities now and forevermore. If you disagree, then pleaseclick here to leave our website now.

Have Fun, keep it real and Enjoy Free Live Real-Time Broadcasting! - Yaptalk Admin

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